BEMILLCHO Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

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Country Of Origin : United States
The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches
The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches
The Package Width Of The Product Is 1 Inches

3 reviews for BEMILLCHO Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

  1. Cecilia Housman

    Used this to restore an old leather baseball glove. The leather was dried out, and we needed to re-condition the glove as a birthday present. He had used the glove in little league. The conditioner made the glove like new in a short period of time. For those baseball fans- it was a Andre Dawson glove- that’s how old it was.

  2. Philip Cumberland

    I started noticing my sons glove drying out. After a recommendation from a friend I purchased this conditioner. Wow did it make a difference in only one application. It was so easy that I ended up grabbing all the gloves in the house and started working with them. Another player has same glove as my son and he was complaining about it. I showed him my sons after apply this conditioner and he could not believe how much it changed the dynamics of the glove for the better. I am hooked!

  3. Ula Lyly

    I started playing soft ball recently after 35 yrs. and still had my glove from back then thought about buying a new on but thought I would give this product a try, the old glove is like a great pair of old shoes it still has a lot of use
    left in it and is now looking great and feels soft and easy to use, if you have sports items that need attention get this item you won’t be disappointed. Another great product from Amazon

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