BEMILLCHO Super Hot Sauce – All Temperature Ski and Snowboard Wax

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THREE DAYS OUT OF ONE OUNCE – One ounce of Super HotSauce will last for three days compared to one day offered by the low price product. Package contains 1 340g / 3/4 Pound Brick or , you get 12 ounces.
MORE CONTROL – Our all temperature wax is specially formulated to work in all snow and weather conditions and great for riders of all levels. Stop using the colored snowboard wax formulas that are dangerous and don’t give you the speed and control you’re looking for
UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE AND hyper SPEED – out-perform every other ski wax out there – Guaranteed! Our formula works by changing the structure of the water in the snow you’re riding on in order to give you extra speed, control and most importantly, safety
APPLY HOT OR COLD – Ski and Snowboard Wax is perfect to apply the traditional way with an iron to heat up the wax or simply rub it on cold for a quick application. For best results, heat up with an iron up to 189° Fahrenheit, Stay safe and ensure you have premium control when carving down the mountain with Super HotSauce. One brick equals 36 days of skiing.
ALL TEMPERATURE SNOWBOARD AND SKI WAX – Maintain amazing control over your skis or snowboard no matter the weather and in any condition. Our all weather snowboard wax is great for temperatures as low as 6° to 52° Fahrenheit. 1 340g / 3/4 Pound Brick

3 reviews for BEMILLCHO Super Hot Sauce – All Temperature Ski and Snowboard Wax

  1. Diana Burne-Jones

    I’m admittedly pedantic about wax/tune. Here in OR we get a large variety of snow-types. My local has many runs with loooooonnnnnggg traverses back to the lift. For all these reasons, I have tested the hell out of every (semi-affordable) wax out there, trying to find the fastest and longest lasting. Super Hot Sauce is the clear winner, being the fastest across the largest temperature range (incl spring slush), and lasting the longest. My long search is over!

  2. George Pater

    I use this wax and I board at my local mountains the most like Mt High or Big Bear and sometimes Tahoe and Mammoth and works great all season never have a problem with it but if you hit low temps like 20F below you should get a colder wax but this stuff still works great last a few times but I wax more often then I should, so could last you the whole season if your a light ski/boarder. When I use it mostly in 28F-36F it works better then more expensive waxes and here in Cali that’s a normal day time temp on all the mountains here.

  3. Beck Occam

    J’ai utilisé la cire sur un snowboard et deux paires de skis, à une température comprise entre (+7, -10 degrés) et je suis très satisfait des résultats. Je recommande fortement ce produit! Merci beaucoup.

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